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No matter your business size, we have a printer that will suit your printing needs. Did you know our printers also include copier and scanner functionality as well? Take a look at the wide range of products we offer and start your print journey with Konica Minolta today.
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Rent a printer with RelaxRate

Rent a printer with RelaxRate

Take your micro, small or medium business to the next level by streamlining your print needs with RelaxRate. Gain access to our high-quality printers as well as customer benefits all included when you rent with us. Print at a rate that is most suitable for your business on your desired printer for a fixed monthly fee. Don’t just get a printer with Konica Minolta, get the full package.
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Small to medium business printers from Konica Minolta

Modern printing devices from Konica Minolta are both compact All-in-One devices designed to meet the needs of the home office or family members. As well as innovative high-performance printing devices, featuring scanning, copying and the possibility of extensive upgrades with add-ons. Explore Konica Minolta printing devices and get the perfect equipment for your needs!

What can modern printing devices do?

Today’s multifunction devices and printers are high-tech machines that come with a wide range of upgrade options with additional tools, technologies and functionalities useful for work and office. At Konica Minolta, we embrace the opportunities offered by technological advances. The correct configuration, integration and deployment of optional components on the machine guarantee a high level of operating comfort and work productivity.

A tailor-made printer!

Konica Minolta printing devices can offer printers tailored to different needs. We are aware of how different businesses are and how diverse their needs are. That is why we create printing devices with features to suit large, medium and small businesses. There are plenty of options to choose from! If you need a small device for remote working, you can opt for the bizhub C3120i multifunction printer. This compact device not only takes up little space, but offers copying, scanning and printing capabilities, including mobile printing.
If you seek to equip a large office with a cost-effective printing device that meets critical office needs efficiently and quickly, then opt for the A3 bizhub C257i. It is a proven colour multifunction printer that scans, copies and supports all common office paper formats. It offers intuitive operation via a large touch panel. As standard, this model has as many as three trays and can print on a wide range of paper weights, standard formats, non-standard formats or envelopes.
These are just two examples, but Konica Minolta gives you a wide range of devices with different features to choose from. Rest assured, this will allow you to choose single or multi-function printing devices that will suit all your office needs in the perfect way.

What parameters should I pay attention to when choosing a printing device?

Konica Minolta is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of multifunction office devices. What should I consider when choosing such a machine? The most important thing is the type of device. It is up to you to decide whether it should be a small, compact printer or a large multifunction device. The ideal choice is best to start by identifying your needs using the following specifications:
  • Maximum print format supported
  • Printer or multifunction device
  • Colour or black and white printing
  • Single or dual-pass scanning feeder
  • Printing speed
  • Additional paper trays
  • Add-on components – these can all be found in the product leaflets
  • Software licences and features (product leaflets and Konica Minolta Marketplace)

    By fine-tuning your needs, you can tailor your device to perfectly enhance the productivity of your business and employees.

A rental printing device? It pays off!

Printing devices do not have to be a one-off expense in your business’s budget. Take advantage of convenient financing with monthly rentals tailored to your needs. In this way, you can furnish your business with top-quality equipment – all without a considerable expense. Konica Minolta has prepared as many as three rental packages for our multifunction devices: RelaxRate Small, RelaxRate Medium and RelaxRate High Level.
Depending on the model of Konica Minolta device, each package offers you a certain number of copies, which are included in the rent. If you opt for a rental, there is no need to worry about toner cartridges – we will supply them! If you need a maintenance visit, our engineer will help you with technical issues the very next day. It is up to you to determine the duration of the contract, which makes it possible to have a say in the amount of monthly rent. This way, every Konica Minolta device will always be up and running without any additional strain on your budget.
Opt for printers and MFPs for your office, perfectly tailored to the needs of your business, supporting its agile and dynamic growth.
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