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Laser printers

Colour laser printers, suitable for use from home or offices, deliver extensive functionality and convenience for everyday work. They are high-performance devices capable of network and mobile printing in high quality, on a wide array of media. They cater for all office and remote working needs. Explore all the advantages of laser technology printers!
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Rent a printer with RelaxRate

Rent a printer with RelaxRate

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Characteristics of laser printers

Colour or black and white laser printers provide efficient and durable prints. They are the perfect fit for offices or working from home. They come with toner trays, which, under exposure to laser light, a developer, photoconductor cartridges and a transfer belt or rollers, are transferred onto the media. This is, of course, a simplified outline of how these devices work. This technology offers the advantage of being able to print multiple copies efficiently at a relatively low price – even with interrupted print runs. Remarkably, this technology does not force continuous printing.

What is the difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer?

If you are wondering which device to choose, you will most certainly come across printers that employ laser or inkjet technology. How do they differ from each other? Laser printing devices use toner, while inkjet printers use ink as the print medium. Toner is a specifically designed powder mixture, as opposed to liquid ink. Laser devices provide great convenience for everyday office work. They facilitate fast printing of large and small volumes of documents. They perform superbly when printing text, graphics and tables, and do not produce a bent sheet, which is due to the lack of liquid in the fixing process. Konica Minolta offers laser printers for home and offices to accommodate a wide variety of printing formats, including non-standard formats. These devices guarantee a printing experience with no compromise on quality.

Advantages of a laser printer

Konica Minolta colour and black and white laser printers are versatile devices to simplify office workflows by supporting all basic tasks. They provide highly comprehensive printing capabilities in a variety of formats, and also:
  • ensure low operating costs, thanks to high toner capacity resulting in a low cost per print;
  • guarantee high print quality due to precise and efficient technology;
  • feature a touchscreen panel, available on selected models, for intuitive operation and a high comfort during work;
  • enable network printing from anywhere, thanks to WiFi or LAN connectivity;
  • enable mobile printing via Android and iOS.
Such capabilities contribute directly to the speed of work and effective operation, whatever the conditions. Konica Minolta laser printers are extremely efficient and allow you to print a fair amount of copies at a relatively low price. They are a cost-effective and indispensable solution for offices. If you are expecting a reliable device ready to carry out your daily tasks seamlessly, then printing machines with proven laser technology are the best option.

Rent a laser printer for your office!

Any purchase of equipment for a business entails planning and forethought in terms of budget. Konica Minolta is aware that the one-off cost of purchasing a device can be aggravating, which is why we offer financing through device rental in addition to the conventional purchase option. You can rent a laser printer by paying only a fixed monthly fee with a specific number of copies to suit your needs. You do not need to worry about operational upkeep of the device. We will automatically supply you with toners as soon as your device requests them. As part of the subscription fee, we also provide a cost-free repair service, available the very next day after the breakdown is reported. This is a great way to conveniently use Konica Minolta printing devices without incurring high purchase costs. The monthly fee is tailored to the needs and capabilities of your business. You can enjoy the highest print quality offered by Konica Minolta laser printers!
Opt for home and office laser printers packed with extra features and streamline your business. Deliver a convenient and superior level of service to your customers and your staff. This is easy and effortless thanks to Konica Minolta printers!
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