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Home office printers

Working remotely directly from home has gained considerable popularity in recent years. Whatever your responsibilities in the home office, a printing device is virtually indispensable. It should boast quiet operation, reliability, mobility, compact dimensions and provide high quality prints. Which home printing device should I choose? The Konica Minolta store offers models that are tailor-made for your home office while ensuring low operating costs.
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What should I look for when buying a home printer?

When choosing a home printer, you should be looking at compact devices in A6 – A4 format. It can be a colour or monochrome printer, featuring functions for scanning and copying, faxing or printing only. If you carefully choose your printing device, you will be able to print graphics, invoices, marketing offers, advertisements, educational materials, or sample prints. All these functionalities are extremely handy for home office. They guarantee convenient working conditions and improve the seamless flow of documents.

Mobile printing and no wires in Konica Minolta home printers

Our home printers feature solutions that further enhance your remote working experience. The first of these is mobile printing. Dedicated apps allow you to print documents directly from your phone or tablet running Android and iOS. The apps also enable a scan upload feature, so that any document can be quickly digitised.
The second major feature available in Konica Minolta’s home office solutions is the direct connection to a wireless or LAN network. This allows you to use your device wirelessly, which is not only incredibly convenient in a home office, but also attractive – it reduces the number of wires.

Environmentally friendly home printers

Konica Minolta printers and devices are manufactured under the principle of reducing environmental impact. They offer low energy consumption because of the low temperature fixation technology. Not only does this make each print cheaper, but it is also in harmony with nature. Another important aspect is the ability to digitise documents. Optimally matched and efficiently used toners guarantee high-quality printing while minimising environmental impact.

Home printers also for small office

Home printers are also devices you can use in a small office, running a micro-business. Their functionality and efficiency is so versatile that they can easily meet these needs as well. Intuitive operation, a panel or push-button controls, deliver convenience and seamless printing, scanning (in-app) or digital faxing.
Opt for Konica Minolta convenient, handy and high-quality printers / multifunction devices for small office and home use.
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