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When you need a printer that can keep up with your demanding office printing needs, our office and team printer are the right option for you. Our wide range of office printers are ideal for spaces who need high-quality print and low cost per page.
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Rent a printer with RelaxRate

Rent a printer with RelaxRate

Take your micro, small or medium business to the next level by streamlining your print needs with RelaxRate. Gain access to our high-quality printers as well as customer benefits all included when you rent with us. Print at a rate that is most suitable for your business on your desired printer for a fixed monthly fee. Don’t just get a printer with Konica Minolta, get the full package.
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What should I consider when choosing the right printer?

Above all, printers and multifunction devices for offices must correspond to their needs. The type, printing speed, and features should be appropriate to the size of the business and the nature of its operations. Printing goes hand in hand with almost every business. Devices are used to print marketing material, envelopes, invoices, contracts, barcodes to name but a few. Therefore, in choosing a printing or multifunction device for your office, you need to verify what tasks it will be used for and choose the Konica Minolta Bizhub model that most closely meets your requirements. As a manufacturer, our offering comprises a range of standard and optional solutions, so that you can configure your device to suit your business needs in the perfect way. Add-on components include not only paper feeders and wheeled cabinets for easy mobility, but also booklet making modules, stapling modules, auxiliary document shelves, automatic weight detection sensor, banner printing trays, Fax module, Wi-Fi connectivity, card reader, and much more. As well as the modules, you can upgrade to include licences activating the handy software directly on the device. This comprises licences for optical character recognition (OCR), serverless printing, anti-virus software or the TPM security module. The spectrum of upgrade options for the respective machine is detailed in the product leaflets offering all information on their designations and usability features.

Which printer should I choose?

A small office or a large business, or perhaps a home office for remote working? Konica Minolta printers and multifunction devices will do just fine in either location. You can opt for models supporting printing from A4 to SRA3, which print in monochrome or colour with different print speeds. Each and every device features mobile printing via apps available for IOS or Android platforms.

We offer the possibility of buying or renting devices. Choose the financing model that works best for your business.

An office printer does not have to be an expensive, one-off expense in a business’ budget. Take advantage of affordable financing with monthly rentals tailored to your needs. In this way, you can furnish your business with top-quality equipment while optimising this expense in your budget. Konica Minolta has prepared as many as three rental packages for our multifunction devices: RelaxRate Small, RelaxRate Medium and RelaxRate High Level. Depending on the selected model of Konica Minolta device, each package offers you a certain number of copies, which are included in the rent. You do not need to worry about toners. We deliver them! Whenever a repair is required, our authorised maintenance service is available nationwide the very next day. It is up to you to determine the duration of the contract, which makes it possible to have a say in the amount of rent. This way, any Konica Minolta printer or multifunction device will always be up and running without straining your budget.
Opt for multifunction printing devices for your office, perfectly tailored to the needs of your business, supporting its agile and dynamic growth.
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